Wedding Favor Ideas for the Wildflower Bride

wedding favor ideas

Miniature Boxwood Topiary | Confit of Violet Flowers | Nina’s Fête de Versailles Loose Leaf Tea | Custom Playing Cards | Rosewater | Matchbox | Olive Oil | Rose Sachet

End your big day on a high note with a unique wedding favor your guests are sure to love. 

Miniature Boxwood Topiary | Not only is the favor aromatherapeutic, but also useful, as guests can grow these effortlessly.

Confit of Violet Flowers | This Violet Flowers confit is created using the finest ingredients around. With it's fresh and sweet taste, this confit is the perfect addition to any appetizer plate. Your guests can enjoy this confit with foie gras, poultry, and other white meats. It is also a pleasantly floral sweetener for hot tea.

Nina’s Fête de Versailles Loose Leaf Tea | This delightful loose leaf black tea is blended with natural aromas of honey and cinnamon, orange pieces, safflower and cornflower. It comes in a distinctive white gift tin that makes it easy for your traveling guests to place them in their suitcases.

Custom Playing Cards | Choose one of our four crests and add an initial to the face cards for a truly one-of-a-kind deck. Encased in a box covered in light and dark pink climbing garden roses and greenery, this is the perfect present or home accent for your guests.

Rose Water | Your guests can use this Rose Water to impart a delicate floral aroma to ice cream, baked goods, and many Eastern dishes.

Matchbox | We're sure we speak for all of your guests when we say that matchboxes (or anything, really) with your names, initials, or wedding date will not be kept too long after the celebration is over. However, Shandell's makes beautifully designed matchboxes that are perfect for any living room, whether they have candles to light or not.

Painted Cookies | Artisanal desserts can reflect your wedding aesthetic or environment. Choose custom artwork with flowers, landscapes, or even patterns that match your palette.

Olive Oil | If you’re getting married in a vineyard or just love to cook, this beautifully packaged basil-infused olive oil is the perfect gift for your wedding guests.

Rose Sachets | Tiny reminders of your day, sachets or mini pillows with skillful embroidery are beautiful favors guests will happily enjoy in their homes well after the wedding.

Charity Donation | For wildflower brides seeking to make a difference, consider using donations to your favorite charity as favors. Guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness of gifts in their name, and will feel good about the impact their favor makes.